Arabian Horse Art Pen and Ink Drawing

"Night Run" by Joni Solis of Arabian Horse Pen and Ink Art

“Night Run” by Joni Solis of Arabian Horse Pen and Ink Art

I created this pen and ink artwork in 1994. This horse art depicts white a Arabian horse with a long, flowing, mane and tail, running through a field with lilies on a brilliant stary night with a crescent moon in the black sky.

Well bred horse watercolor sketch

Well bred horse watercolor sketch

Fine Bred Horse – Equine Art

This is a sketch was created on my computer with digital watercolor brushes. I started with a pencil sketch that I scanned into my computer and then worked my versions over the sketch. Please visit: Fine Bred Horse – to see the other versions of this horse art.


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Galloping Horse Logo Graphic

Galloping Horse Logo Graphic

This is a revision of an earlier horse graphic I posted on this blog. In this second version I have added a flying-flag of a mane and a long, full tail. I have also added a the line to represent the ground that the horse is running on. I also made some slight changes to the horse’s form. Feedback is welcome. Which one do you like the best, the first one or this one?


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